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9 Gift Ideas for Compassionate Holiday Shoppers

by, Shari D.

We love supporting companies that share our mission and outlook on life. In essence, compassion for all beings! The companies listed below use only plant-based products, are cruelty-free, give back to their communities and make really amazing products. I hope you will give them a look and buy some of your holiday gifts from them. You'll be really glad you did. The animals will be too!


Gather Nuts, Bend, Oregon

Gather Nuts is a local company that uses only organically sourced plant-based nuts and seeds. They soak each batch overnight and then roast them on a low temperature. The process allows for better digestion and nutrient absorption while protecting naturally occurring healthy fats and enhancing flavor. Gather Nuts are the perfect snack to take on your next outing. High in protein, antioxidants and healthy fats, our nuts will fuel your wildest adventures, a late night at the office, or a hungry child.

Shop Gather Nuts and receive 10% on your first order and free shipping on orders over $55.00. Gather Nuts also advocates for our farm sanctuary and works to foster awareness about foods that offer alternative to factory farming.


Axilogy Beauty

Axilogy Beauty

A vegan and planet-friendly beauty company founded in 2013 and now based in Bend, OR. Axiology is all natural, 100% safe, cruelty-free, palm oil free and zero waste. Shop their fun line of balmies, lipsticks and crayons at and receive 15% off your first order.



Whether you're searching for the perfect decadent gift for the sweet tooth in your life or looking for an effective, stress-free stocking stuffer, Grön has you covered.

Grön is one of Oregon's largest producers of recreational cannabis-infused edibles. Grön ingredients are organic, single-origin, Fair Trade Certified and locally sourced whenever possible.

Grön currently donates an incredible amount of CBD for our animals at the sanctuary. Grön is providing them with ample pain relief and providing them with a better life.

Grön - CBD & CBN Chocolate, Tinctures, Fruit Chews, & Skincare (


Neto Chocolates

NETO Chocolate is a family owned and operated small batch chocolatier, based in Brooklyn, NY.

Neto uses high quality cacao from sustainable, socially responsible, and fairly traded farms.

They handcraft each of their flavorful artisan chocolates using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients.

All of their truffles are also gluten free and nut free.

These are truly beautiful packaged and make a wonderful gift for the chocolate lover in your family.

(1) Family owned and operated kosher chocolatier in Brooklyn. 347-860-960 – NETO Chocolate


Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell turn coconut husk, sugar cane and recycled bottles into sneakers to create a new type of product that can be recycled. They make everyday sneakers that are recyclable and accessible for all. Their sneakers are vegan, stain-proof, water resistant, and tested to last for 2.4 million steps. They're also cool! By choosing Thousand Fell, you're making a positive impact on the planet!

Thousand Fell | The Best Sneaker for a Better Tomorrow


Gunas, New York

GUNAS is an independent high fashion label with a CAUSE! Started in 2009 by designer and animal lover, Sugandh. GUNAS's heart and soul screams to be the voice of animals. They are committed to being a 100% vegan brand. GUNAS has a bag to suit your every mood and lifestyle need. Each bag comes beautifully gift wrapped and makes a statement! The fashionista in your life will love this gift. The hard part will be deciding what to give - there are so many to choose from!

Best luxury designer sustainable handbags.

Vegan Bags | Peta Approved Vegan Leather Brand | GUNAS New York (



Rothy's has always believed that there is a better way to do things. One that puts the planet and people first. From better materials, to manufacturing and even recycling. Shoes and bags that are made from plastic bottles and marine plastic. Every single shoe and bag are machine washable and remarkably durable. So many designs and colors to choose from, deciding which one to buy won't be easy. But the fashionista in your life will be in love with these shoes. You will probably end up buying a pair for yourself.


Give the Gift of Tour:

Harmony Farm Sanctuary

Want to give a tour of Harmony Farm Sanctuary as a gift? Buy a gift card to share with family and friends that allows them to book a tour that works with their schedule. Share the power of our sanctuary with a gift certificate!

We are a vegan farm animal sanctuary specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of farmed animals. These animals come to us for a variety of reasons, most were neglected, abandoned or abused. We believe in compassion for all living beings.


Make a Donation to Harmony Farm Santuary on behalf of a Loved One!

Your donation ensures cozy, warm beds and safe shelters during the harsh winter months here at Harmony Farm Sanctuary. You are helping to provide hay, healthy food, and nutritional supplements to our residents. And you are demonstrating love and compassion in action, and we are all grateful for your support.

You are also helping with essential vet care for the animals at Harmony Farm Sanctuary, like Lulu, whose life has improved thanks to her new, custom prosthetic cast.

As a volunteer-run organization, any donation, big or small, is gratefully received and 100% of your donation goes directly to the animals.

And remember, every gift is tax-deductible.

Please check to see if your company matches your donation through programs such as Benevity! This will make your donation more impactful with up to a 50% match. Your $200 donation will become a $300 donation for Harmony Farm Sanctuary.

Thank you for your continued support of our sanctuary and these compassionate companies that are doing their best to make a positive impact on this world by saving countless resources and animals. And if you're looking for recipe ideas for your holiday plant-based celebration please visit our blog. We have so many amazing holiday recipes to share with you.

Happy holidays to you, your family and friends.

Love, all the volunteers and rescued farm animals at Harmony Farm Sanctuary.

"Kindness, the greatest gift of all!"

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