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Be Kind to All Kinds

Harmony Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating neglected, unwanted, and abused farmed animals, building a kinder and more inclusive community, and advocating for a sustainable food system free from harm.

What We Do


Harmony Farm Sanctuary and its dedicated volunteers have made it their unwavering commitment and mission to rescue farm animals in need. 

Each rescue is unique, however, our loving and caring team of individuals strives to ensure a compassionate and stress-free environment during and after rescue. 


At Harmony Farm Sanctuary, we prioritize holistic healing for our residents, taking into account more than just their physical well-being. Each animal in our care receives compassionate attention, including top-quality medical care and positive reinforcement.


Our commitment is to provide a safe and stable environment that promotes both mental and physical wellness for our residents.


Harmony Farm Sanctuary believes each animal deserves a beautiful life. A life free from the experiences of factory farm animals and animals of abuse and neglect situations.


We advocate for positive treatment and healthy living for all animals great and small.  


It is with small, everyday acts of love and kindness, no matter the species, that the world becomes a better place.

-Robine Bots
Harmony Farm Sanctuary Founder

Stay at the Sanctuary

Tiny House with Stunning Mountain Views

Experience an amazing "Glamping" experience by booking a stay in the Harmony Farm Sanctuary tiny house. 

Relax, restore, and rejuvenate with stunning sunsets and sunrises of the Three Sisters mountains from the porch of our hand-built tiny sanctuary.

Wake in the morning to the sound of roosters crowing and our crew of friendly animal residents. 


It's an adventure you'll always cherish!   


Each rescue at the sanctuary is precious. Every animal large or small is given the love and care they need. Including our spoiled and happy rescued barn cat Ronald Weasley. 

Even our little field mice are captured humanly and released safely away from the farm. 

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