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Rescued from the Eugene Horse Auction in Spring of 2015 by a sister organization, Mustangs to the Rescue. Owned by a meat buyer & used as a work horse she suffered chronic injuries, hence sold to the auction for slaughter. Before joining us at the farm Love Bug was quarantined for two months & had to be treated for ticks & lice. Her current medical needs include daily vitamins, medication, reiki, chiropractic, body work & regular vet care. Though her life before coming here was traumatic, she now brings great peace & joy to the farm. Love Bug is a great therapy horse because she requires slow & gentle handling. Love Bug is the perfect buddy!


Before joining us at HFS, Shorty (Norwegian Fjord Gelding) was a work horse used for logging; you can tell by his very slow walk. Shorty gets to enjoy the good life of semi-retirement here at the farm. When he does work, Shorty enjoys being a therapy horse. He loves being brushed & sprayed with a hose on hot days! Shorty is a very happy-go-lucky horse & is an avid lover of attention. He & his best friend Cowboy are inseparable.

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Cowboy (Miniature/Shetland Pony Cross Gelding) was originally owned by a friend of HFS who rescued him from an unfavorable environment. Though Cowboy can be shy at first, he is great with kids & people who are calm & relaxed. Cowboy is a great therapy horse as he gains confidence in himself.  Like Love Bug, he challenges people to use their deep breathing & mindfulness skills.


Tucker (Quarter Horse, Paint Gelding) is an awesome, sensitive & kind horse with lots of spunk.  He can relate to people with special needs! Tucker's left eye is smaller than the other due to an injury as a youngster.  He enjoys running on windy days & letting out the occasional buck. Tucker loves the donkeys as his pasture-mates & enjoys playing. Tucker struggles with a bad habit called cribbing (picked up in his former home) which is brought on by boredom. Tucker: 3 and Gates: 0

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Stella (Quarter/Morgan Mare) had an easier life than most of our other animals, however, she was in need of a forever home as her owners were moving out of state. She adjusted nicely & is the leader & "mother" of her herd which consists of Tucker, Pancho, & Cinder Red.  Stella could really benefit from on-going chiropractic care due to a back problem.  By sponsoring Stella, your donation would go towards this much-needed care.



These comical guys came to us as youngsters & continue to make us laugh! Proven to be wonderful therapy animals they goof off regularly & remind us to play & enjoy life.  They also tend to be personal space invaders which help teach us to set boundaries, respectfully.


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Sweet elderly, miniature pony (born 1992) with a big heart who came to us from a family whose kids grew up & no longer were around to care for him. When he was younger, he was a cart pony, but as he got older, it became harder for him to pull a cart, due to his severe arthritis in both of his front shoulders.  Cisco now enjoys grazing in the sunshine & hanging out with his best human friend, Jeanette. Cisco requires daily anti-inflammatories & gets lots of bodywork including acupressure & Reiki.


Adorable, sassy miniature pony (born 2013) who was rescued from a Texas auction (to be shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered) in October of 2016 by one of our partner rescue organizations, 3 Sisters Equine Refuge.  After being transported hundreds of miles across the U.S in a trailer with several other mini’s sent to auction by irresponsible backyard breeders, Penelope was quarantined at the 3 Sisters until she was rehomed to us! Penny now enjoys spending time with her best friend/adopted mom, Love Bug!

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Pig Floyd is part of the reason we started Harmony Farm Sanctuary!  He was a family purchase after several persuasive letters from the founder's daughter Marieke. Robine & her family quickly realized how intelligent these creatures really are & that there is no such thing as a mini pig!  After a short period of time, it was clear that the amount of food recommended by the breeder was unfair & was essentially starving him. Pig Floyd, now well over 150 pounds, is currently at what we consider a healthy weight, well over the weight of only 25-35 pounds which was promised by the breeder!  His diet consists of veggies, fruit, coconut oil & the occasional chicken egg. Although Robine regrets purchasing a pig from a breeder, he is responsible for our passion for pigs!  We have since learned that rescuing a pig is much more satisfying.  There are hundreds of pigs in shelters all over the country that are looking for their forever home! Pig Floyd's needs include feed, vitamins, tusk & hoof trimming.


In Dec. 2016 at 18 months old, PeeWee came to us from a home in Portland, Oregon. He had grown up with his humans & dog friend after PeeWee’s human parents parted ways & decided he could not move back to Texas with them. Peewee was overweight (due to lack of exercise & slippery wood floors) & had overgrown hooves. After lots of exercise and vet care, to trim his hooves slowly over time, PeeWee is now a healthy weight & his feet look great. Peewee is the sweetest guy who LOVES tummy scratches!

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Two-year-old male Potbelly/Juliana Pig mix (born February 2015). Like many small pigs, Francis quickly grew & became strong & sometimes aggressive towards his owner.  She decided that Francis would be better off joining his cousin, Petunia, here at HFS, & Frannie has been with us ever since! He loves sunbathing in the dirt & trying to steal chicken food whenever he can!


Petunia came to us from her home in Oakland, CA. Born March 2015 Petunia lived in a home with her human parents & their dog. Petunia & the dog did not get along very well, & constantly had to be separated, leaving one to be lonely & devoid of company. Petunia’s owners came to the conclusion that she would lead a better life at our sanctuary, & sent her to live with us! Petunia now loves wallowing in muddy water, getting belly rubs, & hanging out with her best friends, Eleanor and Doris!

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Born July 2015, Eleanor came to HFS from a smaller pig slaughterhouse in Washington. One of the employees met Eleanor, fell in love with her & decided that she should not die.  She pleaded with the owner of the slaughterhouse to let her purchase Eleanor. After much deliberating,  the farmer decided to sell her but only after she was forced to take part in the pig races for Halloween festivities. Eleanor arrived at the farm scared of humans & with a nasty case of pneumonia.  Our vet informed us that it’s very common for “production pigs” to have pneumonia & warned us she might have it for life. However, with lots of TLC, good nutrition, herbs & vet care, she has made a full recovery.   In the past year, Ella has grown to be a huge, sweet,  intelligent  & naughty girl!


Doris came from a breeder as a "teacup" pig. Her first owner found her living in filth & not socialized. After spending several hundred dollars for a "teacup" pig Doris grew like a weed! Then she moved into a family where she wasn't fitting in & the dogs wouldn't accept her. Luckily now, Doris is settling in at the farm & has made fast friends with Hamilton; snuggle buddies at night.  With a ton of personality she is quickly becoming one of the most social pigs we have at the farm!  Her needs include feed, vitamins, bedding, hoof trimmings & vet care.

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Hamilton arrived at  HFS on June 28th, 2015. He came to us from Astoria, Oregon which was one of his many former homes. Weighing in at over 200 pounds, he had outgrown several homes. Though his former families loved him, he needed a  farm to call his forever home. He has made many human & animal friends on the farm & LOVES his belly rubs! Hamilton requires feed, vitamins, hoof & tusk trimmings & other vet care.


Zoey has been in two other homes before landing at HFS permanently. Her first home was an apartment that she quickly outgrew. Under-stimulated, Zoey became aggressive & destructive. Her first owners were unaware of proper pig training procedures & smacked her on the nose, which only made the problem worse. Once in her second home, her new owner was loving & more educated on pig behaviors. Unfortunately, this home had dogs that looked at her as a meal so she did not feel safe. At HFS,  Zoey learned to get along with dogs as well as the other animals on the farm & no longer bites.  She loves showing off her tricks. Zoey's needs include feed, vitamins, hoof trimmings & vet care.

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Norman is a Jersey steer who arrived at HFS on during one of the snowiest and coldest winters Sisters has seen in decades!  He was born on 2/25/2017 & arrived at a day later.  Norman is a victim of the dairy industry.  Jersey cows are a milk breed & the male babies are considered “throwaways” as they are competition for milk & will not grow up to produce milk as their female counterparts are.  Dairy calves are separated from their mother’s usually the day or first couple of days they are born.


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Two hilarious Nubian goat siblings who live with their best friend Norman the cow! Born in 2016, & came to HFS as an owner surrender.  Buck is very protective of his little sister, so on occasion he will rear up on his hind legs when you get near her, but usually he just loves to be loved! Buck enjoys play fighting with Norman, & Petra enjoys sunbathing & licking Norman’s salt lick!


This lovely older (born 2010) pygmy goat was surrendered to HFS due to the lost best friend. Bob became very lonely & depressed without company, and his owner decided that he would be happier elsewhere. Bob now lives with Vincent van Goat, Juniper, Shadow, Isabelle, & Hazel. Though Bob is a little shy upon approach, don’t be discouraged! Once you get to know him he is a great guy! Bob enjoys lounging about in the sun, peace & quiet, & most especially, butt rubs!

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Vincent & Juniper arrived at HFS the spring of 2016 when they were only 3 days old! They were born on a farm in Central Oregon. Their mother died during their birth, leaving them with no source of milk & they were found shivering & alone during a nasty spring snow/rainstorm. The owner of the farm had too many bottle babies  & so we welcomed Vincent van Goat & Juniper to our farm! They are both spunky, fun & often naughty!


Houdini came to us at five weeks old in June 2017. He escaped from his previous life on a goat farm by slipping through a fence & running down highway 20 here in Sisters. Houdini was brought to us with a large & angry wound on his head which was the product of a sloppy horn-removing without proper care, a large infected blue tag on his ear, & was covered in lice. Little Houdini was very sick when we got him & required a lot of medical attention. He lived in the human house until his wounds were completely healed.  He was sometimes found asleep on the couch on his human's lap! Houdini is the sweetest guy and he made an instant connection with Norman.

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These goats were adopted from a family that was downsizing their goat crew and were hoping to avoid sending them to auction.  They are the naughtiest creatures here at HFS & we often refer to them as CMM's (Chief Mischief Makers)!  They get into all kinds of trouble whenever possible.  We love their spunk here at the farm & have learned to enjoy their antics!  They love to run around, jump & spin on colder days, but absolutely hate the rain & snow, when you will find them hiding in their shelter! These three love attention. Their needs include feed, bedding, vitamins/supplements, and vet care.