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Approx. 70 billion animals are farmed for food around the world every year.


Around two-thirds, almost 50 billion, are raised in intensive factory farms. In the US, 99% of meat, dairy, and eggs come from factory farms. This kind of animal agriculture prioritizes profit above everything else.


Animals live in cramped conditions (pens, crates, or cages) and lack access to important natural behaviors such as nesting, foraging, and play. Most were taken away from their mother within 24 hours. Crowded animals frequently inflict injuries on each other out of stress and frustration.


Excessive weight gain is commonplace along with mutilation of beaks, ears, tails, horns, and even live shredding. Lives are cut short as most animals sent to slaughter average 3-6 months of age.


This has to stop!
And you have the power! 

Being vegan

for just 1 month will save:

33,000 gallons of water
900 SQ FT of forest 
1,200 LBS of grain
600 LBS of CO2 

300 Animals!

So where to start??

It takes nothing away from a human
to be kind to an animal.

-Joaquin Phoenix

for Kids

Do you have a family
and want to begin a Vegan Lifestyle?


When you're an adult embarking on a new lifestyle journey with food can be exciting and life-changing. However, what if this new journey involves a family with children? 

We've got you covered with a fantastic Nutrition Booklet for Kids!


This colorful educational booklet was created by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filled in order to educate parents and give them a tool to enable a dietary approach to lifelong health within their children.  

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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