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Make a life-changing gift to the animals today for Giving Tuesday!  And remember, every gift is tax-deductible.

Thanks to your continued generosity, we are able to provide our more than 145 animal residents with the love, care and life they deserve. For many of our residents, this is a second chance at life. Thank you for helping to make our sanctuary possible. 

Your donation ensures cozy, warm beds and safe shelters during the harsh winter months. you are helping to provide hay, healthy food, and nutritional supplements to our residents. And you are demonstrating love and compassion in action, and we are all grateful for your support. 

You are also helping with essential vet care for the animals at Harmony Farm Sanctuary, like Lulu, whose life has improved thanks to her new, custom prosthetic cast (see below). 

As a volunteer-run organization, any donation, big or small, is gratefully received and 100% of your donation goes directly to the animals. And remember, every gift is tax-deductible. 

On behalf of Kingston, Mac, Shorty, Lilly, Eleanor Pigby, Lulu, Goose Springsteen and our WHOLE resident family, THANK YOU!


Lulu arrived to HFS in May 2021. She was 1 years old and sadly had a deformed hoof. We tried treating her hoof with pain medication, visits to the vet and regular hoof trimmings. We had hoped to get it into the most functional shape to help her get around. Sadly, it didn't work. But thanks to generous donors like you, Lulu now gets around really well on her custom prosthetic cast. And boy what a difference this has made. Her confidence level has gone up and her pain level down. It's worked so well that some days her leg is strong enough that she doesn't need it. 
She lives with our small goat family and is trying her best to make some BFFs. Every morning as we head out to put on her prosthetic, we find her excitedly waiting by the gate. She is such a good girl and patiently lets the volunteers put on and take off her prosthetic every day.
 Her sweet
disposition has garnered the attention of all the volunteers who continue to make sure she gets plenty to eat and a nice place to nap during the day. We love you, Lulu! And we are very excited to watch you grow, right here at your forever home! 

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