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All the Rescued Animals at Harmony Farm Sanctuary

This is Rose!

Through donations like yours, Rose was rescued and brought to HFS in 2022. Her "job" was to have babies. And when her babies were born with birth defects, she was no longer of use and was destined to be slaughtered. 

She now spends her days living with our small goat family. She quickly became "mom" to the many small goats that never got the chance to meet theirs. 

We love you, Rose!

Rose enjoying the sun.jpg
Zoey snugged in.jpg

This is Zoey!

Zoey was our first rescued pig. She was rescued after living with 2 different families in California. Most do not see pigs as intelligent and in need of training and stimulation. Zoey became very sad in her current situation and felt very unsafe as the dogs of the house looked at her as a meal. 

Fortunately, with donations like the one you just made we were able to rescue her and bring her to HFS. She lives with 7 other pigs, all her besties. She loves to snuggle in fresh straw.

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