Remembering Randy

October 11, 2020

We only had Randy for a few months, but in that time he touched many lives. Although he had a rough start in life you would never know it due to his happy disposition. He had already earned several nicknames, which is always an indication of a beloved family member. He was Randy, Randall, and Macho-Man Randy Savage. 

Randy was a cryptorchid, meaning he had a retained testicle. Although he was castrated as a young goat, he was still essentially an intact male. He wandered the courtyard with the pigs longing to be with his goat friends. He was ALWAYS craving love and affection and we were there to give it to him. He was the perfect sidekick. 

So we did what we thought was best for him. We brought him to the vet to have this situation resolved via surgery. This would allow him to live out his life in the company of other goats.  Sadly, he died on the operating table.

We buried him on the grounds of our sanctuary and think and talk of him often. He definitely left a lasting impression on our hearts. He is truly missed. RIP Randy - we will love you forever!