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One Simple Thing You Can Do to Be Kinder to Animals: Month #1

Sometimes making better choices can feel overwhelming so we fall into the very human habit of just ignoring the problem. I have realized over the years that when we get overwhelmed in life, our minds simply turn away from things we perceive as hard so we can conserve energy. So, I wanted to start a series that would give a simple, concrete opportunity each month to do something uncomplicated but very impactful that would directly help animals to have a better life.   

I’d like to invite you to get curious for the next 30 days and Do This One Simple Thing: 

Buy products that have NOT been tested on animals.

Here’s the truth - animals are isolated, burned, deformed, harmed, tortured, cut open and die painful deaths for our beauty and household products and it’s not necessary. This is very simple, there are plenty of products in our mainstream stores that don’t harm animals, but you will need to pay attention.

A product will clearly state if it is not tested on animals and/or vegan. I’d also like to say that some companies, for example Aveeno, advertise one of their products as vegan and not animal tested BUT the company DOES do animal testing on the rest of their products. So, look at the company, not just the product to be sure what your money is supporting. 

Here are three webpages where you can go explore options or quickly search while shopping. These all have apps as well. And at the bottom I am attaching a quick image with suggestions:

Your choices DO matter. Small changes add up ultimately creating a big beneficial change in the lives of animals who need our help.

So go forth and pay attention this month. Be The Change! And tell a friend. 


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