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A few simple changes you can make that will help animals

by, Kelly S.

One moment while shopping, about two decades ago I realized that the products that went onto my body were animal tested. I realized in a flash that I was contributing to the horrors and suffering of animals trapped in testing facilities with every purchase. So, I stopped and started only buying products that aren’t animal tested.

We make choices every single day that could help or harm animals that we will never meet. Puppies and cats, bunnies and monkeys, so many harmed animals so we can sweep into a store buy a product and never think about who we are harming. It’s pretty insane when you think about it and not who most of us want to be.

We have the power to stop animals suffering in so many little choices we make every year so here are a few simple changes that likely won’t make a difference to your quality of life - other than making you appreciate yourself for your kindness.

◦ Look at labels and buy beauty and self-care products that aren’t animal tested. When I’m in the store I just search google to see if a company does animal testing or you can look for The Leaping Bunny or cruelty free logos.

◦ Buy beauty and care products that don’t contain animal products like milk … who really needs milk in their shampoo or soap

◦ Choose snacks and treats that don’t have animal products in them - for instance if you like gummy bears, find ones that don’t use gelatin like the ones at Trader Joe’s.

◦ Buy pantry stock items that don’t contain hidden animal products like milk or gelatin. Just take a minute to read labels and find replacements. Replacing your animal broths with vegetable broths is a great start.

◦ Try new vegan products this year - like dairy free ice creams and vegan butters. There is so much goodness available now.

Again, these are just a few but add these up and wow what a difference it makes to those animals who were being tortured and to how we feel about ourselves.

This year let’s make a bigger impact and be kinder than before. Let’s be more loving and treat others as we would like to be treated.

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