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Can your dog be vegan?

When I became vegan almost 6 years ago, I then looked at what my dog was eating only to realize that his food consumption was part of the extreme harm of factory farming and likely not the best for his health.

So, I got curious. Does a dog have to eat meat or animal products? I found that no they don’t. They need a healthy diet that is going to give them the protein and nutrients they need.

Then I found out that many of my friends had been using V-Dog for their pets. And so, I researched some more and found that this vegan dog food has more nutrients than what typical dog foods have. So, I started mixing it in for Ed, my senior dog, and slowly eliminated the meat. And he loved it!

*I definitely need to say that V-Dog has no idea I am writing this, and we are not in any way affiliated with them. And there are other vegan dog food options you can research.

Ed was energized and healthy, running miles with us, to the end of his life. And now we did the same with our new rescue dog Leon. He was abused and had not had an active lifestyle. His energy levels are high now, his coat is beautiful, his eyes clear and he is engaged in life.

There are many plant-based dog treats available. I also make vegan dog treats that are easy and yummy, and you can find lots of recipes online with just a few ingredients like peanut butter, pea protein, banana, oats, etc.

Giving your dog a vegan diet is healthy and beneficial for a multitude of reasons, but you have to be sure your dog is getting what they need to be healthy and nourished so do some research. Many of us here who LOVE animals have dogs who have been healthy for many, many years on this diet.

- A vegan diet is best for the environment and health so why not give your dog that same opportunity.

Treats to Make:

- Kelly

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