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Celebration Post! 🙌🎉

written by Tracey.

As time goes on more and more work is done to lessen the suffering of animals in the food system - and today we’re celebrating the most recent win!

Proposition 12 fully took effect in California on January 1st!! 

 What is Prop 12 you ask? 

Good question! It is a ballot measure from 2018 that was overwhelmingly passed by voters. It was an unprecedented act to prohibit the selling of food from farm animals that were not housed under certain specific (improved) standards. 

 As you can imagine this proposition received TONS of push back from big players in animal agriculture. But guess what - the proposition stands and is fully in effect! 

 Prior to this, pigs like Eleanor and Clover would not have enough room to turn around - ever. Chickens like Weezy didn’t have enough room to stretch their wings or even walk without climbing over another chicken. And cows like Norman who were born into the dairy industry and destined to live in a tiny crate for veal in extreme confinement. 

 Now, these practices still exist and are very common, but at least California is no longer allowing for those products to be sold. It’s a step towards awareness of where many people’s food comes from and our impact as consumers, voters, and human beings for influencing positive change. 

 Doing the kind of work we do, it fuels us to pause and celebrate these wins, though they may still feel like a drop on the bucket of a broken system. Change is change, no matter how small. And today, we give some extra love and attention to our residents knowing that some of their friends have just a little less suffering to endure. 

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