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I Realized I was Ignorant.

written by Kelly.

I realized I was ignorant to assume that any beings were less than worthy of my respect. For some reason many years ago, Moodonna the dairy cow who is no longer alive, in a moment shifted my awareness so now I can't see any sentient being as anything less than my equal.

Moodonna, pictured on the right ❤ with baby Norman.

That doesn't mean their intellectual knowledge is the same or that they can take care of themselves but that they deserve love and kindness and help at any point I can give it.

I am also grateful for my exposure to so many other cultures. Growing up in the US hardened me as I see it has with most. It teaches us a belief that we should be independent and work hard and if you fail at that you are less than. And unworthy. If your intellect isn't strong, you are less than and unworthy. This creates a culture of shame, separation and differences rather than generosity and love and connection.

Why on earth should one feel shame or embarrassment for choosing not to harm others as vegetarians and vegans often do? The harassment by people around me over the decades, stranger and friend, for choosing kindness to animals is mind blowing.

What are we here for if it isn't to connect and love one another?

I was ignorant until I wasn't. Change is possible for all of us. We can question what we are taught and make new choices to be who we want to be. And we CAN tolerate the discomfort of others' judgements so we can make choices that are generous and kind rather than separate and harsh.

I now realize that a turkey or pig on the dinner table is exactly like a dog on the dinner table. Would you be ok with that? I'm not. It's all just a mental perspective that we have been taught that farmed animals are less than us, less than our beloved pets - not the truth.

Change happens one choice at a time. I decided I wanted to treat all beings like I want to be treated and see how life would go. And my life is pretty damn good since making this change - even when things feel hard, I feel love and kindness inside. And that is something I'll be happy to live with.

I would love to see us as a culture decide to live with generosity and love rather than separation and disregard.

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Jan 11

Yes to all these things, Kelly! And really, the shaming can go in any direction, right? So many of the concepts you touched on in this blurb reflect the work I’ve been putting into shifting how we “do” community.

it can be so disheartening to feel like the work we put into something we feel passionately about is all for no effect. What I find so often, though, thanks to this internet tool for connecting people, is that the thoughts and feelings I’m having are Out There!! Being written or spoken by other people, almost as if they’d read my mind! it has happened SO much in the past year alone…it’s contributed to massive writer’s block, actually, because I’ll…


Great blog! I used to think that cows just produced milk. I didn't even consider that a baby cow was needed in order to have milk... and it took me years to even think about what happens to the baby cow when the mother is a dairy cow and supplying humans with milk. : (


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