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There is No Shame in Loving Animals Enough to Take Action.

I decided to write about this because if you are vegan or even vegetarian you've likely faced people trying to shame or embarrass you for caring for animals.

Well let's be clear - people will shame you and judge you harshly and call the police for not taking care of your dog but shame you and embarrass you for caring about animals raised for food. This has been going on forever and is not kind in any way.

But here's where that's incredibly foolish and callous - farmed animals are NO different than you dog or cat. So how do very intelligent people allow their mind to trick them into paying to be part of cruelty to animals? I still don't know. If I started eating dogs you KNOW the whole country would be freaking out, calling for my arrest and prosecution.

When you buy animal products, (someone not something) has suffered no matter which way you try to frame it. And in this country, 98% of animals for food are factory farmed. These places are protected by laws and old school culture that agrees that animals (who are no different than your dog and cat) are objects to be tortured, left sick, injured, isolated.... oh, the list goes on.

So, if you are choosing to do better for the animals, waking up and not eating them or advocating for awareness or not supporting companies that make them into something rather than someone - you should feel appreciation of yourself not shame or embarrassment. It's pretty tiring to feel like we should be wrong for caring for and sharing with others.

People say they love animals, but they allow this treatment to occur - to the animals and the people who work in these places.

No more shame here because it drains the potential for spreading more love - YEARS of people judging me or laughing at my choices - that's over. I am appreciative of me and everyone who makes a choice every day to forgo a moment of pleasure for the kindness of other beings.

And that appreciation is fuel. It drives me to not feel embarrassed to enlighten others to what is happening.

- Kelly

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