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Turkeys - An attachment to an idea.

As I was sitting this morning, I was thinking on how our human minds get so attached to ideas We get attached to an image of how things should be so that we are happy.

And this is where my Turkey awareness came. I was thinking on Thanksgiving and how hundreds of millions of turkeys are suffering right now in factory farms. Thanksgiving has NOTHING to do with turkeys, yet we have attached a romantic feeling to Turkey = cozy holiday = happiness. Truthfully, Thanksgiving is really a contrived holiday that we can make anything we want.

Many of our humans here will eat no animals' products that day saving the suffering of others. Giving thanks to all beings … AND it will be a joyful, connected, happy day. With friends and family.

If you let go of your attachments and be truthful with yourself about the choices you make that cause suffering to other beings needlessly, you can add yourselves to the thankful list and deeply appreciate YOU.

When we get attached to ideas like “Thanksgiving must have turkey” - then we get attached to directly participating in the suffering and horrifying treatment of turkeys. Then you are directly causing harm. That is truthful.

To question long held beliefs is a challenge. And most humans don’t like it. It’s easier to blame the crazy vegans for screwing up a happy holiday tradition than truthfully looking at things that are inconvenient.

This “crazy vegan” realized that happiness truly comes from kindness and generosity to others and knowing that by speaking up and making you a little uncomfortable, turkeys may be saved from abuse, disregard and if we are truthful torture. AND YOU may be lighter and appreciative of yourself(happiness), then it’s worth me being a little crazy.

We are going to celebrate a holiday without any animal products and holy cow it’s always so delicious!!!! And joyful to feel so much love for others, animals and humans. So thankful.

When you know better you do better … right?

Xo, Kelly

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