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What Will It Take to Make this Choice?

By, Kelly S.

Lilly is the most vocal, emotional, engaged turkey I personally have had the privilege of being around. And really, I have only been around a handful of turkeys. The knowing of how much she FEELS the suffering she has experienced and continues to exhibit PTSD and extreme reactions to certain (unfortunate) people is truly a real-life example that turkeys are dynamic, sentient beings.

Shari shared something in the newsletter yesterday that I didn't realize and made me sick to my stomach: Turkeys are not protected by the Humane Slaughter Act - they're conscious when killed.

After living in deplorable, cramped conditions and undergoing painful mutilations they are not given the respect or regard to treat them humanely ... and honestly, when is killing humane? Perhaps only when a being doesn't want to live?

People don't like being uncomfortable with the reality of their choices - so they conveniently ignore the realities. But one of the reasons we should REBEL against factory farms and choose not to eat animals who don't want to die is because of what it does to our own humanity. Once we know the cruelty (and extreme environmental destruction) that is occurring, we have a choice.

Our choices as humans, our ability to have SO many choices and express more control over our lives, is truly what makes us different. Animals in this situation have no choices even though I am certain they want to live a good life.

When I read that info above, I was so upset because I didn't know that they were not included in the "humane" slaughter act. And holy cow (pun intended) there are SOOOOOOO many absolutely delicious, satiating veggie options to choose from. Go read our posts about cooking a compassionate Thanksgiving dinner or simply search the internet and the choices are all there ... for kindness.

Making this choice is not that hard. You are kind! You can do it!!

xo, Kelly

PS - Lilly has very specific preferences for bananas, lettuce and sunflower seeds :) That is how we help her when she is a bit overwhelmed.

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