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Why hurt a cow when we now have oat milk!

“But I need milk for my coffee…” is something I have heard so often from friends who want to choose an alternative to animal products but enjoy their morning coffee more. I think the invention of oat milk is one of the things that could literally make a change in the world if more people knew of its existence. Oat milk performs and tastes so much like cow’s milk that it is an easy yes as a way to feel good about yourself and eliminate milk. This is a huge win because other alternatives simply don’t perform or taste the same so it’s easy to fall back to eating cow products. To stay on the coffee topic, it’s so similar to milk that I don’t use it because I never really liked milk. In coffee it whips up creamy and thick and I have lots of friends who love it. Now also extra good news - oat milk ICE CREAM!!! Oat milk ice cream is super creamy and delicious so again great option and when I tried oat milk yogurt tastes like the real thing so much that I had to confirm I hadn’t bought the wrong product the first time. I could go on but I wanted to share this magical invention because what a better way to enjoy food, to know that you are removing a cow from the situation so she doesn’t have to stay pregnant and keep losing her babies and also from an environmental perspective you are cutting out the need to grow feed, transport it and give them TONS of water. You can feel good about yourself and enjoy it even more! Lastly, it used to be that you had to shop the natural food stores for these alternatives but now places like Target and mainstream food markets carry oat milk products! Just ask where they are or request they carry them. Some examples below. Ps You can easily search Google for recipes for creamy oat milk coffee replacements you can make yourself in all kinds of flavors!

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