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WOW My dad’s diabetes reversed in 15 weeks!

Kelly and her Dad

So I have heard of these stories of “other” people having amazing results by going plant based or vegan but I have to share that my own dad has had an amazing change in his health by changing his diet.

First, I will share that my dad did not have a healthy diet (sorry for outing you dad). He ate a very mainstream diet of meat, dairy products and breads - with a LOVE of ice cream. And then in 2018 he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was fortunate after a very tough time and almost dying, that he recovered and now is cancer free. 

Fast forward to earlier this year. After years of trying to outrun that he was becoming diabetic, his doctor officially told him he was. Also around the same time his blood tests continued to reflect that he was heading for kidney failure which was likely linked to that earlier result of bladder cancer. 

So on a whim, I told him I had just read that Dr Neal Barnard has helped thousands of people to reverse diabetes on a high starch, low fat diet. I sent him a short video and within an hour he messaged that he was giving up animal products. 

Honestly I wasn’t too confident he would stick it out but I should have know when he gets on something, he is on it. So after some conversations, he replaced his meats with plant based meat, added in some more veggies, reduced his oils significantly - fat in the cells is what causes the cell to lose its ability to process insulin - and he just stuck to it, trying new things along the way. 

Over the weeks, he started getting used to it and while he has dairy cheese at times, generally he is practicing a high starch, low fat, vegan diet. AND THEN … 15 weeks later he went for his blood tests and he is no longer diabetic and even more surprising side effect was that his kidneys are no longer at risk for failing!!! This is pretty dang astounding! 

He went from a future of taking expensive medications, seeing doctors, his body painfully deteriorating, doing dialysis, etc etc. - all expensive in terms of life energy, time and finances - to a life of freedom from these diseases. All in 15 weeks. 

There are many, many reasons going vegan is simply a good choice - for your health, for compassion and kindness and for the future of the planet aka your children.  But when you witness that something so terrible happening in the body can be reversed SO FAST, it has to be shared. 

My dad just made a decision and that changed his life … and the lives of all the animals that won’t be killed or treated poorly so he could eat them (and stay sick). It seems like such an easy choice in reflection of that. 

In the next year, we have decided to share a pathway for you to make choices to move toward a more sustainable diet for your health, the planet and the animals because its clear that my dad would not have made this choice nor been able to stick with it if I hadn’t shared what I knew. So I hope these posts help you to make some new choices and PLEASE if you know someone with health issues, send them here or email me at and I will share what I can to help. 

I am attaching the resources I shared with my dad so you and any you know may benefit:

Dr. Neal Barnard:

  • Diabetes 1 minute video of the fat in the cell and what is happening to insulin

  • All of his books HERE

  • Physicians Committee research HERE

Here are some other resources that could help: 

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2 Yorum

15 Kas 2023

Great job your dad stuck with it. DM is so nasty> many many problems.


14 Kas 2023

Wow! That is an amazing story! And your pop is really cute! ❤️


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